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''Fireball Fun-for-all'' - 27 October 1949

Published 1949

An episode of the early (and short-lived) comedy-variety series "Fireball Fun-for-all". Starring Olsen and Johnson. (thanks to zigoto for providing the date, this was previously "Misc Episode 1")

Run time 52:46
Production Company NBC Television Network
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: damageddad - - August 29, 2012
Subject: Ole wasnt laughing?...I was!
wow a chance to see O+J on live of my favorite films ever is Hellzapoppin and this tv show is what Id imagine the stage version of that to be like...funny though...Ive seen all of their films and was always annoyed by ole's constant high pitch laughing ad nausium...he dosent do it once here on the tv show and now I miss nonetheless this is a very funny show..I wish there were more of them
Reviewer: ultimatebozo - - August 23, 2012
Subject: frenetic
I enjoyed this. I predict "Doowopbob" will not.
He doesn't seem to like anything; how sad for him.